University offer

oh crap, just when I’d forgotten all about that application I’d put into University to do a postgrad degree, I get an offer.

UniSA - Letter of offerI’ve been sent an offer for a position at University to study for a Master of Human Resource Management. The degree is 1.5 years full time, but I’m looking at doing it part time, about 1 subject per semeter so it would take about 6 years. But I figure if you don’t keep something going all the time then in 6 years time I would have nothing…….sooo………

Will I do it?

I don’t know, let me think about it.

Edit: Actually I’ve just realised that it would only take me 3 years part time if I did 1 subject per semester. Seems a bit more appealing……….hmmm

Edit: Actually I was right the first time, I’m just being stupid……it is 6 years.


BODYPUMP 61Taught this in it’s entirety for the first time tonight. I think it’s quite a good alround release although there’s a couple of tracks that I think suck, but that’s personal music taste really. I’m sure others will like the songs Sexyback and Deja Vu, but I just can’t get into them.

After lots of listening and a couple of practises I’ve nailed the warmup. So much so that the strange timing almost feels natural now. I do love this track, great light hearted song.

Squat track is AWESOME. Different feel, lots of singles, powerful music. Definately one of my favs although it might get boring quickly? I dunno.

Something different again for the chest track, 4/4’s just when you expect singles to come along. Fantastic! Love the song despite the fact that I’m getting over pink. This works well.

Nothing new in the back track but lots of rows so it’s a tough workout.

Kickbacks are back for the tricep track with Sexyback (try saying that out loud 😆 ). You already know I dislike the song, but the chorrey is great for the track. We finish with the bar at the end……hmmm

Odd song for biceps, kinda rocky. Simple chorrey and you get a break early on but then it smashes you after the break. I’ll have to wait until I’ve done this one again, but I think it might be an easy one. Might be time to put the weight up?

Love the lunges!!!! In love with the song and the bench is also back! Backward stepping lunges………..nice….

Shoulder track starts with rear delt raises. First shoulder track I’ve seen I think that doesn’t start with pushups, but we get them at the end instead 😉 Mac raise starts off nice and slow so they can get the hang of it.

Abs………ok I hate the song but chorrey again is good. Planks with the leg lifts……..OUUUUUCH

Cooldown……..Chasing Cars……….what more can I say? Beautiful 😉

Launches today

Today we had our six-in-one launches where we do 30 mins of each program. I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve made a
bad decision taking on a 4th program cuz it’s been a bit tough learning all the chorrey, and we weren’t even launching whole releases? I’m hoping that it’s just the pressure of my new job as PT aswell and maybe I can manage 4 programs over time? At least it ran pretty smoothly and we managed to keep to time, but I felt like trash in attack.

I really ballsed that one up but the rest were ok.

I started off with pump for which I was on my own so I did tracks 1-4 which went well. James and Thuy did Step next which I participated in, which I’m now regreting because I should have spent the time going over my chorrey….oh well.

Next was attack, I did tracks 2 and 3 and James did 4, 6, 9. I dunno why but I just keep messing up track 3……it didn’t feel very nice today.

Combat went well. I didn’t think I quite had the chorrey well enough, but I pretty much nailed it except I did one too many reps in track 2 which no one would have noticed except that Jo started doing something different 😉 That’s one thing newbie instructors take a while to get the hang of, going with whatever the instructor cues despite if it’s wrong or not…..but they’ll get there! 😉 I took tracks 1, 2 and 8 while Jo did 3 and 7. WE ROCK!

I participated in about 15 mins of Jam with Marlisa before leaving so I could go over my balance tracks again. I’m glad I did that cuz it really made the difference I think. I took 2 and 3 and Marlisa did 5, 6 and 9 and we had agreed to go over time for the last 5 mins so we could do a Meditation/Relaxation for those who chose to stay. Most did so that was great.

Although most of it went well, the stress got to me a bit and attack really rattled me so it put me in a bit of a tense mood this afternoon. But that was ok, since I sat at Natty’s house and played on her playstation all afternoon……….when I probably should have been getting some stuff done, but hey……gotta have downtime sometime!

Now that I’ve come home though I arrive to find that my websites are down because there’s emergency maintainence on my webhosts datacentre (or am I supposed to call it “datacenter” cuz it’s American? 😉 ). So I’m currently typing this blog entry in notepad so I can upload it later 😉 launches new website

well, finally LMI have launched their new website and I have to say I personally think it’s been a bit of an anticlimax. The fact that many error pages come up and the registration process doesn’t work properly (along with the program codes) is quite disappointing. The graphics are great, but I think they’ve neglected plenty of areas.

Time will tell whether they fix these problems and manage to turn it into a great site?

update to

totallylesmills.comI’ve done a little work on updating today. Some work towards making the site more obviously “unofficial” so that people don’t get the site confused with the official Les Mills International website. In the past a lot of people have mistakenly believed the old btstalk site to be an official LM site, so hopefully this is a step towards avoiding this.

I was hesitant to include a contacts page, but I finally have, but since I’m desperate to avoid people sending me emails asking for music I’ve hopefully made this very clear and so I hope I wont get bombarded with these types of emails. We’ll see how it goes I guess?

There’s a slight new colour theme aswell along with a new banner. This was inspired by a demo business card that I saw and I thought it looked cool so I pinched the colour theme.

Other changes?

Well I’ve also got a welcome page now too which I hope makes it clearer what the website is about.

Some feedback I’ve had is that the “Unofficial” stamp looks too distracting, but by that point I’d had enough and didn’t have the energy to spend any more time on it……so that’s what it is for the moment. Think it could do with improvement, but hey, I don’t have much spare time these days!


oh man………I have a deep very embarrassing confession to make…..

Tonight in combat I called a scissor a “shuffle” 😳

I’m so so so sorry………please allow me to be free of my sins


I’ve never done this before
A tarot reader told me to try this
And this is what came out….

I’ll never forget
the night we spent
I’ll remember your touch
inside of me and out of me
I don’t know how to express
how I feel
but it’s deep inside of me
wanting to come out
but I can’t find the key
maybe I threw it away
so I wont feel pain?
but instead all I feel
is pain
will I ever find the key again?
do I need someone to help me find it again?
or can I find it for myself?

Heart rate in BODYPUMP

ok I’ve taken a few readings on my HR monitor from BODYPUMP classes, but this is the first time I’ve recorded them from my Monday night class where I usually lift my maximum weights (and do crazy things like daring members to do 30kg squats with me 😆 ).

So tonight I did it, I went with 30kg but little did I know that for whatever reason the Step class before me hadn’t turned the cooling on on the air conditioning. I’m not sure what the temperature was today, but I’m sure it was over 35C and so when it was pretty damn hot I just thought the air con was struggling like it usually does in that weather. But no, it could have been cooler…….lol………..but that’s ok, I like the heat, but I think it just made the squats a bit harder. Damn, I think it was way harder than when I did it last week and heck, my heart rate showed it cuz I peaked at 171!!!!

I ended up feeling it in my back a little bit cuz I know I was losing the control in my core abs. I could feel it happening but I couldn’t stop it cuz I was just too fatigued…….wow that was really a challenge. It wasn’t the pain, it wasn’t the burning……….it’s just that I actually didn’t have the strength anymore.

I said to the class if they want me to do that again next week I need something back. I need somebody else to lift their weights up or something aswell 😉 However I probably wont do it next week, since I’ll be doing the new release and I can’t smash myself like that while trying to teach new chorrey. My brain goes fuzzy when I push myself that hard and I just can’t afford to do that with a brand new release cuz I’ll just get lost.

Maybe the week after though………it’s insane 😉

395 calories
50% fat
Max HR – 171
Avg HR – 126

I dunno if I agree with what they say about the back track supposedly being the biggest calorie burner? I did 20kg in back track and that was pushing myself as high as I can go. My heart rate didn’t get anywhere near as high as it did in squats. I think I got to about 150 in the back track……hmmmm


Man, a very very special event happened at Zest this morning…….possibly a once in a lifetime occurance! lol

I taught a 6am pump class there, haha. I haven’t taught at 6am in about 2 years!!!! I normally would say no, but because I’m working so much at Zest Modbury now and cuz they’ve treated me fairly well I agreed to do it. I was their last resort for a fill in and they dangled a carrot at me so I actually said ‘yes’.

The class was actually surprisingly quite a lot of fun. I think it was a fraction easier to do because I’ve been doing the 6am shift on Wednesday mornings (which I’ll look forward to getting rid of when I switch to BodyTrainer) and there was about 12 people in the class. I decided to practise the first 2 tracks of the new release on them to help iron out the kinks in the awkward timing, which was handy to get that practise. I dropped my weights way down though, because not only did I already teach pump on Saturday and Sunday, but I have my usual class tonight (which I’ll lift my normal weights, plus do the 30kg challenge again if I’m up to it), and then I’m doing another pump fill in tomorrow morning.

Anyway it was a fun class and I stayed at Modbury working on my laptop till 10am when I had my first client. Got a bit of work done which was great, possibly more work than I would have got done if I went home 😉

Heart rate

well today’s heart rate readings were quite interesting. The gym I was teaching at today has much much better air conditioning and also a smaller stage (I can’t stretch out as much…….lol) which I think contributed to the readings.

Pump (BP58 – except lunges from BP60)
339 calories
55% fat
Max HR – 149
Avg HR – 114

Attack (BA55)
504 calories
50% fat
Max HR – 165
Avg HR – 141

Balance (BB26)
190 calories
60% fat
Max HR – 122
Avg HR – 95

After the classes I did get some amazing feedback from one of the members. I was talking to her about the trial of attack on Saturdays and it seems that the demand for combat vs attack is equally divided. It looks like the decision of what class it ends up being may be left in my hands as to which class I prefer to teach. This is going to be a tough decision. Meanwhile the member told me that I’m the best instructor they’ve ever had. This kinda floored me since I’m still very new to teaching attack and I don’t feel like I’m “there” yet. Also this was at Fernwood, but at Zest there are some really amazing instructors and we rarely get feedback from the members there. Any feedback from Zest is more likely to be negative, so as they say………no news is good news……… essentially no feedback is “good” feedback.

That said I did get an awesome letter once that came from one of the members when I filled in a pump class in a different timeslot.

So which class to go with, combat vs attack? I dunno, the triple is a challenge (although it’s getting easier now that I’ve done it a few times) and it’s ok while I’m feeling super good, but I hate to think what happens if I get sick……….hmmmm. Can’t make a decision though based on what “might be”. There’s gonna be a few people from the forum who are gonna hate me for this, but I’m almost contemplating attack. I teach combat Wednesday and Thursday nights so it’ll give me a bit of variety. On the other hand, keeping on top of chorrey and mixes for 4 programs sucks………….arrrrrgggggggghhhhh.

Anyway, just don’t tell my hardcore combat friends that I’m thinking about doing attack 😳 sssssssssshhhhhh

Last day of BodyTrainer

Well the last day was today! yay…….I can finally get a day off now, since I haven’t had a day off in weeks. I’m hanging out for next Friday where I can just spend a day sleeping in, doing nothing, lumping around and hybernating. Awesome.

It was a bit difficult cuz the course was so far away from me too, and I had to drive way over the other side of the city through peak hour traffic………meaning, since it’s a Les Mills course, I invariably ended up with penalties most Fridays. One thing that I thought was quite amusing was the fact that I was the only group fitness instructor out of the 6 or 7 or so doing the course, meaning that the penalties weren’t in reality all that physically difficult for me since I’m a lot fitter than the other guys. But I didn’t let on to that 😉 They were still challenging exercises, but I wasn’t dying like the other guys were…….hehe

I dunno how I feel about the course content, how much of it I’ll use. Some of the business planning and tracking stuff is going to be really handy for me. It’s helped me get my head around how I can keep track of the business component of being a PT running my own business. It’s waaaay different from being an employee.

I’m going to be on the lookout for some fitness software for my laptop. Not sure which is the best to go with, but it’d be awesome if there’s software out there that could integrate with Quickbooks or something.

I have to do my assessments with Kerri, my PTM, next week. Yay, and I’ve only got a week till we launch aswell……….4 programs………sheeshh…….I’m gonna go crazy…..

Heart rate monitor

I had a play with my new heart rate monitor tonight. I shadowed attack first and then taught combat………both classes were the new releases. The results were really interesting.

In attack I dropped back to the options a lot during the Interval track, since there was a newbie member that needed help. So I demo’ed the low options……so the result I guess may be a bit lower than they could have been? Also, I expect that if I was actually teaching attack the results would be higher too. I’ll wear my heart rate monitor when I teach attack on Saturday and see what it comes back with then.

Attack (BA55)

620 calories
45% fat
Max HR – 174
Avg HR – 153

Combat (BC30)

592 calories
40% fat
Max HR – 171
Avg HR – 153

One really interesting thing to note is that I looked at my watch at the end of track 4 in combat (Amadeus) and my heart rate at that point was 170, so even though that track is slower, when you really get down in the legs during the jump kicks it proves that it really makes your heart rate skyrocket! I remember people complaining about this track possibly being too slow………I hope those people read this!

Smoke alarm

Dammit just what I needed. Stupid smoke alarm malfunctioned in the early hours of the morning, meaning I got woken up at 6am and didn’t get much sleep.

The alarm is hard wired into the roof so there was no chance of taking it down. Eventually I managed to isolate which power circuit it was on (by trial and error at the fuse box) and found out it was on the same circuit as the lights, so I killed the switch for the lights and that fixed up the alarm temporary. At least managed to get another couple of hours sleep…..but it left me very tired.

Then this morning had my first ever tarot reading. Never done anything like that before………dunno what to think?

30kg squats

Tonight in pump was D-day and as per my previous entry I had my challenge with one of the members to raise my squat weight to 30kg.

I’ve been extremely sore lately and so I was starting to feel nervous about meeting this challenge…….lol……….but I didn’t want to back down. I had my much desperately needed massage this afternoon and it has really made such a difference I almost felt I could meet the 30kg challenge head on…………almost.

So when pump started tonight and said member was there it was like……….ok, challenge is ON. I focused, I put the weight on and tried not to think about it…….haha

We squatted to “Drop Dead Gorgeous”……….the members all looked at me intently to see how I’d go. I sweated a little bit more, I went a little bit red in the face, got a fraction more breathless……….but I SQUATTED 30KG!!!! 

The only drawback about all this is they bloody well want me to do it again next week 😯

Adelaide Workshop Q1 – 2007

Well I have to say I didn’t do a whole lot this time around. I learnt my lesson after last time and that it’s just too hard to teach 5 classes on the weekend (Sat – BP/BA/BB, Sun – BP/BB) and then participate in the workshop aswell. Not to mention I’ve still been very tired. I’m getting heaps more sleep at the moment which is good, but I just felt flat on the weekend.

Sofie ended up twisting my arm and getting me to do attack on the Saturday, but my back, butt and legs were killing me (and not from exercise soreness, it was pain pain that needed a massage……getting one tomorrow YAY) so I didn’t put a whole lot of effort in. I went to the loo during the upperbody conditioning and when I came back there was no room on the floor so I conveniently missed that track 😛

To summarise, the warmup for BA56 really seemed to suck……..right from the start. I’m rarely ever this negative, but I just don’t think anything is going to change with this track. I just doesn’t fit attack. Maybe someone out there may like it? However as soon as track 2 kicked in, the energy also kicked in. It really picked up from this point!

I missed combat, cuz I didn’t get to the workshop in time following my classes. Stayed for the education though, but it didn’t make much sense cuz I hadn’t done the class. Pretty cool that the Evasive Side Kick is back though!

I was starting to stagger by the time balance was on, and I didn’t even have the energy to watch it. Went and had a late lunch with Sofie.

The second day of the workshop was today and again I had to teach beforehand, but I made the effort to get there in time for Body Vive. I really wanted to see it, but I nearly wasn’t going to go. Georgia begged and grovelled for me to come to the workshop with them (despite me being grumpy and functionally unsociable). So I went……and I’m glad I did do Vive, cuz it’s really great to see what it’s about. Thank gawd it’s a relatively easy class in the sense of how much pain I was in. I’m almost interested in training in it, but not keen to spend more money right now. Nor am I keen to learn more chorrey, but it seems a great class to be able to teach without battering the body too much. I had a lot of fun being stupid with the balls and trying to steal Georgia’s ball and attempting to skip with the (very short) resistance band thingys we had 😆

Body Vive

After this, again at this point I wanted to go home and go into hybernation, but my friends convinced me to stay. I proceeded to actually FALL ASLEEP during Jam while the music was pumping and everyone was stomping. I woke up at the end when everyone clapped at the end of the class. I guess I was tired…… I ended up waking up feeling grumpy enough to fill in workshop feedback (and hey, you go into a draw to win something) so that I could tell them how crap it is that prices keep going up, they keep cutting costs for Adelaide so that they can send IMT’s and Choreographers to all the other states except us……..grrr. We pay the same price as the other states and we only get local “talent”.

We ended up going out for tea afterwards which is becoming a cool tradition of ours. I still felt pretty unsociable and Georgia noted how I was a bit quiet……….but hey, sometimes I just NEED downtime and that was one of those times. That’s what friends are for aren’t they? 😉