wow, would you believe I received a parcel in the post today. I opened it and there was a wonderful unexpected gift from a friend from Scotland who I met for the first time in Auckland.

Double Twist – PikouraGift from Linda

Depicts Two New Shoots Growing Together. Represents the Joining of Cultures, the Bonding of Friendship.”

Two new shoots growing together indeed ­čśë

A very special friend………thankyou!

BODYPUMP launch – 4th June

Our launches have been scheduled for next week, starting Saturday and going through to Thursday. BODYPUMP is being launched in my timeslot on Monday 4th June at 7pm and the theme is:

~ Tiaras ~ feathers ~ leather ~ lace ~

Now, just by accident I actually seem to be quite organised for this launch, and I’ve worked out what I’m going to wear. ­čśë I haven’t figured out what I’m going to wear on my feet though, cuz I’m not sure if trainers are going to work for this, but yet also have to wear safe shoes. That’s a toughie… a week to figure it out. Ivica is launching with me, so I hope he gets right into it too ­čśë

Any Modbury Zest members reading this, make sure you’re there dressed up for the launch!

Location: Zest Modbury
Date: 4th June
Time: 7pm
Instructors: Mel & Ivica

Dad is back in hospital

Another scare, dad’s back in hospital. He’s ended up with an infection in his arm from the needle thingy they had in his arm……they thought he had scepticemia or something. I have no idea how to spell it, mum just named it over the phone. But then he was transfered to Flinders Hospital because it was more serious than they could deal with at Murray Bridge and now they’re saying he’s got thrombosis instead of the arm.

Mum tells me they cannot give him blood thinners to deal with this because now they’re not 100% sure of what is going on with his symptoms and what he has wrong. Something isn’t adding up.

when you’re bored (hyper?) + a webcam

well, here’s what happens when you’re feeling a bit hyperactive (like after a combat class) and chatting with someone on MSN and webcam doesn’t work properly.

I didn’t know this, but when you’re feeling in a strange mood, you start doing silly things like taking pictures instead with the webcam…….once you find out what that button on top of it does.

And once this starts happening……things go downhill from there….


Contine reading

Standing on a fitball!

I’ve done it! I’ve done it! And not just once, but TWICE. I just had to beat Sofie in the efforts to stand on the fitball….hehehe.

I have to say, I did take a few nasty falls out of it. I appear to not have broken anything, but I’m sure I’m gonna have to pay a visit to the chiro again, lol! Don’t try this one at home boys and girls!

It was quite amusing tonight after my last PT client I started teaching her how to kneel on the ball, and then this shortly progressed to us trying to stand. We were then joined by Craig who also attempted to do it. I hope people don’t get hurt outta this! lol

Unfortunately I had no witnesses when I did it, as I did it on my trusty new ball at home. So I’m going to have to refine my technique so that I can demonstrate it to others…….but after doing it once, I did make sure I could do it again, after a further couple of hard falls. Ouch. I haven’t fallen like that since the last time I fell off a horse……which was when I broke my leg. It’s scary, but somehow exhilirating, trying to battle the ball and stand on it!

But it can be done ­čśÇ

What kind of Empath are you?

This may not be for everybody, but you’ll know if you understand what it means.

You scored as Judge. You are a Judge Empath, one who is a “truthsayer”. You can tell truth from lies, good from evil. You do not tolerate wrong doing. You are a defender of the good and the innocent. You are kind and merciful but do not play foolish games. (from “The Book of Storms” by Jad Alexander at┬á
Fallen Angel
What Kind of Empath Are You?
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Nerds Escaped


On the night of Monday 21 May, 5 detainee’s of a mental institution escaped and entered the gym at Zest Modbury. One, who is a BODYBALANCE instructor, took a class while the other 4 stood gleefully at the front whilst the remainder of the class were held hostage and participated in fear…..or entertainment… of the two!

Throughout the class none of the nerds threatened any of the particpants, and at the conclusion of the class they were captured and arrested by police, to the relief of all members at Modbury Zest. All evidence of the nerds has now been removed from the scene and is being washed, dried and folded into boxes to take to the salvation army. Any photographic evidence of the event has been confiscated by police and after being analysed will then be destroyed as per military procedures.

Any witnesses of the event are urged to find their own psychiatrists for counselling, since we have our hands full already with all staff now requiring medication.

Hopefully peace can return soon to the peaceful town of Modbury.

New trick

Well, I guess I haven’t posted all week. I can’t quite remember if there’s been anything of value to write about…….but I did learn a new trick today c/o Sofie ­čśë

We’ve had a stand in TTP shopping centre all week and today I did a shift on the stand with Sofie. She had been practising all day trying to kneel on the fitball we had there since there’s apparently a Club Trainer at one of the other Zests that can stand on a fit ball without assistance. How? I dunno, but I was curious about trying to do it, or at least kneel.

After a few attempts I started to figure it out and quickly figured out how to balance myself. Yay! Then I had some of the shoppers asking me to “do it again”….lol. Well it’s a new party trick I can play around with!

I did kind of explore trying to stand on it, but didn’t go far with that. I could only visualise myself coming crashing down and breaking something. I’m not gonna let it beat me though……..I wanna be able to do that trick one day!


Went to my trusty chiro today for the first time in quite a while. I have a lot of respect for my chiro, since not only did he help rehabilitate me from my back injury all those years ago, but he’s also helped me in the last couple of years with my shoulder injury. He did deep muscle tissue work on my shoulder and gave me immediate relief that I hadn’t had in quite some time. He’s also American which means those guys get significantly more training than our normal chiro’s here in Australia……and also, well he’s just smart and good at what he does.

So I went to him because not only have I noticed that my body is feeling uneven lately in my stretches in BB etc, but also I’m tired of my major physical limitations during any BB pose that requires me to have my hands over my head. I want to improve these poses, but I can’t lift my hands up very high. I suspected it was either my triceps (unlikely), my latts or as Corey in NZ suggested to me it could be my thoracic spine.

Once again I was hugely impressed with the knowledge he was able to pass on to me. Despite the fact I do many latt stretches and there are also plenty of latt stretches in balance, he showed me some adjustments in how to do a very specific latt stretch. OMG, yep they’re tight. This is awesome cuz now I know I can work on improving whereas before I wasn’t getting anywhere anymore. He also did some adjustments of my spine and neck so hopefully I’ll feel super even again in BB.

Most of all he’s been super impressed by the changes I’ve made over the years. He saw me way back when I could hardly stand on my feet for long periods than 10-30 mins. He saw me when I was a lot more overweight, and couldn’t bend over very far. I think I’m probably his fittest patient cuz I’m seeing him for fine tuning what I do and improvement…….not for extreme injury and pain like most of his patients.

Anyway, next 2 weeks lots of latt stretches. The great thing is I don’t need to hold them long, just a couple of secs. The frequency is more important he said, so I have to try to remember to do them several times a day. I can handle that, I think……..if it’s going to make a difference!


Dad is still in hospital and we’re still none the wiser about his prognosis. They’ve been doing more tests, but they’re unable to do a biopsy due to the location├é┬áthe tumor is├é┬áin. Operation is out of the question aswell since it’s sitting right on the brain stem, an operation would likely completely paralyse him so that he wouldn’t even be able to breathe.

Without knowing what the the tumor is it’s difficult to know how to treat it and they’ve even started talking about the possibility of Multiple Sclerosis aswell. The good news is that one of the treatments for both a tumor and MS is steriods…….so on steriods he is to help relieve the symptoms.

It’s gonna be a long journey I think, and I’m starting to deal with the initial shock. I think my family is too.

I’d like to thank everybody who’s expressed support and thanks around the world and also locally. It’s actually been really amazing for me to have so much support everywhere, I’m a lucky girl!

#1 Club Trainer

This week is full of highs and lows, to the extreme. After the great holiday and then the bad news, now I get back to work to find out I achieved number 1 Club Trainer in the state last month. I got 2nd a couple of months ago, now I’m number 1. It was the last thing I was thinking about though so it was a pleasant surprise.

I’m trying to make the most of all the good things that are still happening…

Bad news

oh no, I just found out today that my dad has a brain tumor. I’m in shock, I don’t really know what to do/think yet. I guess this turns a lot of things around. Not much else to say as there’s not enough details nor info on how bad it is yet. ­čÖü

Back home…

well, the flight home was rather uneventful. First time I’ve flown Air New Zealand and somehow they seem quite “different”. Can’t put my finger on it, but I could just tell I wasn’t flying QANTAS or Virgin. Maybe it was the accents, lol. Our flight got delayed for an hour due to heavy fog….first time that’s happened to me.

I didn’t get too air sick thank gawd, but flying still takes a lot out of me. I always land feeling tired, nauseous and┬áincredibly dehydrated. Came home and snoozed for a while…..only meant to sleep for about an hour or so, but ended up sleeping for 3 or 4 hours ­čś│

I can tell I worked out hard at the filmings, my legs, OUCH! Particularly my hamstrings, they hurt the most, and I guess sitting still for 5 hours didn’t help. Anyway, it’s all systems back on tomorrow with my BP/BA/BB triple. Eeeek, I hope I can remember which is my right leg!

Leaving tomorrow..

well, it’s nearly all over. The filmings are done, we had drinks and pizza after the filmings and it was awesome to get one last chance to socialise before going home. I feel a bit sad now though. Flight is first thing tomorrow morning and part of me doesn’t want to go home. Part of me is looking forward to getting back into my own bed and having my own food etc, but on the other hand being a part of the filmings at Les Mills International is so inspiring that you just never want to leave!

It was great to meet everybody! I apologise if I’ve missed anyone. There were a few others that aren’t forumers from, but it was still just as great to meet them. Crystal is one name I remember, there’s also another Donna. Sorry if I met you and I’ve forgotten your name, cuz I’m terrible at remembering names! Please drop a line and say hi everybody!

BODYBALANCE 38 filming

For the balance filming we had Jackie, Dr Dave, Anita and Cory presenting. I’d seen a couple of the BB classes and I felt that Cory improved considerably from the first class I did with him to the filming. It just all came together in the filming. The other presenters did seem a bit more confident though, which is to be expected considering they’ve already done so many filmings.

It was really relaxing and great to stretch out the body after the intensity of the previous two filmings. It was great, cuz I had exercised my muscles were extra stretchy and warm.

We pretty much went straight through without any errors, although Anita had to restart the intro a couple of times. It was quite an amusing laugh when as per her script she asked if there was anybody new to balance and there weren’t any ­čść So we had to restart that and ask the question again, WITH new people in the class…..or at least people putting their hand up that they were new. ­čść

I did the butt grabbing thing again during the hip openers, so now that is gonna go out to the world on the DVD! I was a little bit nervous about it when the hip openers came up and at the time┬áI wasn’t so sure I wanted to do it anymore. Too late now, haha.

Overall this release is a nice release. I need to hear the music more to really tell how it sits with me. As mentioned before it seems there’s a slightly new format, but I cannot tell exactly what it is except that there seems to be an extra track between balance and hip openers. The moves in the track itself seem to be a cross between hips and balance moves, so maybe it’s a transition track?

Dave’s voice was very soothing in the meditation. I generally tune out and do not hear a word what is said during meditation and this time was no exception. However it was great hearing the smooth tone of his voice. I could certainly handle that more often!

Most of all, this time I really liked the clothes they’re wearing this time! In some of the releases in the past some of the clothes they’ve worn have been fashion disasters. I particularly like Anita’s pink top, I want one of those! It’s got the maori symbol thingy on it aswell that is on most of the new NZ clothing these days, but you can’t see that from the pic.

BODYBALANCE team after the filming