Flights confirmed!

So now I’ve paid for and confirmed my flights to The Netherlands. Wow, this is so exciting. The furthest I’ve ever been is Auckland, and that was only overseas for the first time last year. Going out a bit broader now, eeek.

Thing I’m most scared about is the air sickness. I suffer from it badly, but now that I’m pregnant I can’t even take ordinary air sickness tablets. Going to have to speak to my Obstetrician about what might be safe for me to take. I’ve heard Maxalon is ultra safe, but might not be effective for air sickness, so I’ll have to find out more.

My basic details for my trip are:


I’m sure we’re going to organise a get together in The Netherlands for all the’ers, so anyone from UK/Europe keep your eyes and ears open for dates!

Preggo brain

ok, so it’s open knowledge now about my pregnancy and I’ve been tracking the pregnancy on our Baby Blog so I won’t be covering those details here on this blog. But for anyone left that doesn’t know, Alex and I are having a baby and he’ll be moving here to Australia asap, subject to Visa’s and all the red tape and stuff. We’re both very happy and exciting times to come. I’m happy to be sharing this with a very special person.

At the moment I’m making plans to spend Christmas in The Netherlands with Alex. Gonna be an expensive time to fly, but it’s worth it ­čśë

I just wanna say it’s true what they say about kinda losing your mind. Somehow I seem to be right on top of my chorrey, very few mistakes, however instead I loaded my bar up unevenly for the back track last night. I did think the bar seemed to feel a bit uneven during the track, haha. I won’t mention the forgetting to get off the train and the all the other things I’ve done ­čś│


actually, this ancient laptop is a 233mhz………..either way, you get the gist, it’s anciently slow!

The good news is……….it

hasn’t crashed yet, ugh. The bad news is I can’t install my copy of messenger on it. Requires a minimum of Windows XP.

Will have to see if there’s a version available for Win2000……….that could take a little while…

Anything else?

well, right now I’m typing this on a 100 year old laptop……….well, maybe not THAT old, but it’s a Pentium 100Ghz, so pretty old! My PC I finally got sick of crashing all the time and so I finally took it in to get it checked out, since I was convinced it was a hardware prob. They’ve tested it and discovered the motherboard is faulty, so that’s off to get replaced under extended manufacturers warranty. But cuz I took so long about bringing it in, the store warranty had expired so they wont do a straight swap for me anymore!

But it’s not all bad, I’ve got a laptop (more recent than this one, lol) so I can just connect direct to the internet through that. Now THAT has started crashing. But only when I’m on the internet. Thinking it might have been perhaps the new RAM I’d purchased I tried removing it again and no difference. So I figured I’d put RAM back in, cuz at least then when it crashes, it does it faster, lol. However, I’d discovered I’d done the screws up too tight and couldn’t get it open again. grrrrr.

So, stuck with just the 512 meg of ram and laptop crawling much slower than it should be. I think most of this is due to the preinstalled crap on it and I’m planning on doing a fresh install when I can get around to it. But for now, I have to wait about 20mins to boot everything up, and then I’d go online and within only 5 mins it’d crash again. After doing this twice I could just about have cried, I’d had enough!

Poor Alex got a call from me at that point, I was just so fed up with the internet I didn’t care anymore, and he patiently listened to me whinging for about 40 mins!

This afternoon I took laptop to the computer store where the friendly guy that always chats to me and helps me out, managed to get the screw undone and replace it……..phew

But now, back home again I’m can’t help thinking that lappy only crashes when I’m on the net, so while I sort some of that out I thought I’d try connecting this old beast online. The plan was to share the connection via the network, till I realised it’s that old it doesn’t even have a network card!

Now it keeps popping up with messages telling me I have to download something. Most annoying and probably a vulnerability with windows 2000. I’m sure I probably don’t have the updates on this thing……..there’s nothing installed on it, but I just




ok ok everyone, here’s an update

ugh, it’s been 25 days since I’ve updated my blog and I’ve been harrassed over it, haha. So I’m relenting, here it is, with also a partial explanation as to why I haven’t updated.

I’ve made some big decisions just lately, and after reviewing some personal issues I decided to explore other options open to me. So I put in a few applications for jobs. A few days later I had a job interview (on a Friday), on Monday I had a second interview and Tuesday I started work. Phew…….all that so quickly!

So I think it was about the 9th Oct I started there and been pretty busy since. It’s at a web development/graphic design company and I’ve┬ábeen busy working during the day, PT and classes in the evening, wearing me out a little especially since I still teach classes on the weekend too. But I don’t regret it and this new job actually offers awesome opportunities. I think this is the kind of job I’ve wanted/needed for about 4 years, and before deciding to go into fitness full time. Somehow I think I’ve been steered in this direction and this was meant to happen.

The 2 guys I work with are absolutely awesome, and I love the level of trust there is there. I’m quite new there, but they’ve had no hestitation at all in challenging me with new tasks, leaving me with responsibility and allowing me freedom which is not only awesome, but also really rare to work with people like that. I already feel like an important part of the team and felt part of the project we had with such a tight deadline last week. Still some changes and updates have continued into this week, but the urgentness has gone now.

My new job also means one other thing. I’ll be cutting down on the amount of personal training I’m doing. Not completely dropping it, but it means I have given notice to cancelling my licence with Zest, meaning I’ll no longer wear a yellow shirt. I have been given permission though to continue training clients as a red shirt, but without being employed on shifts. I’ll just train the people I have, I won’t be doing freebies or anything of the like.

As for other things going on, weather is driving me nuts at the moment. One evening I have the heater on and the next morning it’s 30C. Then 2 days later and the heater is back on. grrrrr

Long weekend

Well, the long weekend doesn’t really apply to me, since I work on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, but I DID get today off doing absolutely nothing which was awesome. Well, when I say nothing, there’s always stuff to do. So much stuff to work on, accounts, website upgrades, university and my 1 million and 1 little projects I have going. But I SLEPT IN big time. More than usual for me, which I needed really after staying up late talking to Alex on Skype (sorry Alex for falling asleep on you mid sentence ­čść ).

I haven’t been posting as much lately I know. I feel like I haven’t got a whole lot to write about. My life is in such major upheaval, so much so that much of it is private for now.