City to Bay update – 7 weeks to go

On the weekend I held the beep test on the Sunday for a group of people. After the weather looked a bit dodgy it ended up turning out ok, and we did the test on a small park about 20 mins walk from Zest. That worked out well, since we had a good walk as a warmup.

I’d had a bit of a night out the night before, and having done 2 classes aswell that morning, I went the worst I had ever gone in the beep test. I got to 7.3 and started feeling hungover. My goal was to get over level 9, and since I was feeling sick at level 7 I wasn’t too keen on how I’d feel by level 9!!! One of the girls did an awesome job of reaching level 8.3!

I WILL be running the test again though in 3 or 4 weeks, since I know there are plenty of people interested that could not make it yesterday.

NOTE: the next 2 weeks the running group will be rescheduled to 1pm on Saturday as I have other committments (one of those commitments involves getting drunk on Saturday night for BADelaide 😉 ).

Walking group will be the same time as usual on Saturday at 2pm.

WALKERS – Saturday 4th August – 2pm

40-60 min walk – meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury (in car park out side of the club as car park closes at 3pm).


RUNNERS – Saturday 4th August – 1pm (*Note: change of time for 2 weeks only)

30-40 min run. Meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury in the car park.

Cost: $5(free for clients currently training with Mel) 

PS: I also send out email updates to those on my emailing list. Leave a comment here for me if I don’t have your email address.

oh my god………my HAIR!!!

wow I had the most amazing experience getting a “makeover” yesterday. Obviously I didn’t quite know what I was in for being a hair model, or I might have been a bit more scared, but I’m glad I did it! Here I thought I was just going to get a cut and colour, thought it’d be kinda similar to what I had, just a bit different…..but little did I know that I was looking at a complete make over.

There was more I didn’t know though. It was funny, because all of a sudden I was in the workplace of one of the gym members. Normally it’s the other way around, I’m teaching pump on stage and I’m in control…..and all of a sudden I’m at the mercy of a guy who I knew was a hair dresser but I hadn’t managed to learn his name yet (ie. that means I couldn’t remember it cuz it was a hard one, but I’ll never forget it now!).

So while we were being debriefed and prepped for the seminar I began to realise that I wasn’t going to have as much say about my hair cut as I thought I was. But that was ok, because I’d already decided that I was going to leave it in his hands, and I figured he must be a kind of decent hair dresser if he’s doing a seminar. So I was feeling slightly nervous but excited at the same time. He discussed with the hair colourist what they were going to do with my colour and they threw around some techy words and said I needed some colour correction (which I later learnt was a nice way of saying I had grey hairs). They were discussing using the colours “violet” and ” copper” and he then kindly turned to me and explained “that’s purple and orange Mel”………….ahhhh right, thanks for that…

About 15 minutes before it’s all due to start, he says to me with a smile on his face “now Mel, when we go in there once we start you cannot speak unless I ask you a question first”……..I looked at him and laughed and said “oh my god are you KIDDING me????” I would have to say that that singlehandly was the hardest thing about the entire process… 😆

Once the seminar started there were 10 hair dressers watching who were all apparently paying a fair bit of money to watch me get my hair cut. But then I started picking up little bits of information as we went along. I started to notice that he wasn’t just any ordinary hair dresser, he wasn’t even just a good hair dresser……..I heard stories about the hair styles he’d done for models in TV commercials, his seminars all over Australia and overseas. By the end of it I also found out that he’d won awards and stuff. I dunno all the hair dressing lingo, but it sounded pretty damn impressive to me!

Monday morning pump at 6am is just never going to be the same now………I’m actually going to have to do something with my hair when I stagger out of bed in the morning now! I’ve realised that in the future I’m going to have to pay a whole lot more for my hair cuts than I was previously used to!

Hair makeover

Hair demonstration

This morning at 6am pump, it was like any other Monday, class went as usual, but then at the end I get approached by one of the members asking if I’m interesting participating in a “hair pffftt mmmmt eeeh” and I said “sorry, what was that?” (hey, the music was still playing and it was early in the morning).

“Are you interested in mmmmh haaaar demonstration for ppppprrr eeeeh”

“hangon, can you say that again?”

“Are you interested in participating in a hair demonstration as a model for students at a seminar?”

oh ahhh? right ok, so after a bit of chatting I agreed. My initial reaction was that I thought “but I like my hair dresser”, but he assured me that the hair style would be within the realms of what I want, but he felt he could improve it by making it look younger and fresh.

He totally won me over at the younger bit!

So, I’ve agreed to go along to this Schwartzkopf seminar tomorrow. Not 100% sure what I’m getting myself into but I’m quite excited about it. I’m still gonna get a hair style I want right?

City To Bay Update – 8 weeks to go!!!

City to bay training went well again. More people are expressing interest to me and while there were just 3 people on the walk on Saturday there have been quite a few more who couldn’t make it this weekend. Expect this to become a bit of a social meeting point aswell!

The run went fantastic and this time I was armed with tissues which were quickly whipped out of my bumbag shortly after we started jogging. Don’t ya love the cold air? We completed much further distance jogging and even some of it uphill. We don’t have to do hardly any uphill running in the City To Bay, so this kind of training will make the actual run easier.

Next weekend I am rerunning the beep test as well as doing our jog afterwards. I expect the jog will be short after having done the beep test. The test is a general measure of fitness and for those interested you can actually look up your VO2 max and compare your fitness for your age with industry guidelines. It’s a difficult test, but only as difficult as you push yourself.

Next weekend:

WALKERS – Saturday 28th July – 2pm
40-60 min walk – meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury

RUNNERS – Sunday 29th July 12.30pm
Beep test – meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury (location of beep test to be advised)
Followed by 30 min jog/walk.

Cost: $5
(free for clients currently training with Mel)

Les Mills Group Fit P.R.O.F.I.T. Seminar

Even though I’m not a GFM, I’d like to be so I enrolled in the Les Mills Group Fit P.R.O.F.I.T. Seminar to learn more about Group Fitness Management. It was a very informative seminar and I learnt heaps about ways to use group fitness to boost retention and improve numbers in classes. It was awesome and inspiring.

It was interesting because the subject of mirrors vs no mirrors came up, and I’ve always been a staunch believer of having mirrors of some sort. Although this seminar hasn’t completely changed my mind, it has made me rethink a little. I’ve always believed mirrors are important since they help improve people’s technique more than just about any other tool. If not at the front then at least have the mirrors on the side. However the seminar showed us how the number 1 fear for new members coming into the group fitness room is self image and looking like a fool. Apparently when you remove the mirrors from the front of the room this helps remove the fears and numbers in classes grow.

This is an interesting perspective and it makes me wonder what’s more important, better technique or more people doing fitness? This makes me think that mirrors on the side are probably a good compromise.

All in all I picked up some good tools for if I ever progress to a GFM position or any management position in general. I have to say though, it’s not natural for a GFI to sit on their butt for 8 hours……….I was getting a bit twitchy at the end, haha!

Combat Mix

Put together a fun mix for combat tonight and I had an absolute ball. Brandon was shadowing with me and he took tracks 5-7. Guess I was in a super fun mood, and when I stuffed up in track 7 when he was teaching, I just gave up and danced for a bit instead. But then when I tried again I did the same thing, so I got down and did pushups instead……lol.

I had a ball, dunno what everyone else was up to, but I was having fun! 🙂

  1. Apache Rock the Bottom – BC30
  2. Kickstart My Heart – BC22
  3. Set You Free – BC2-
  4. Rock Me Amadeus – BC30
  5. Shock To The System – BC30 (Brandon)
  6. Fighter – BC26 (Brandon)
  7. Rhythm & Police – BC26 (Brandon)
  8. Paradise – BC30
  9. Pump It – BC26
  10. Tarakihi – BC13

This is the first time I’ve taught Pump It since it came out, however I’ve taught Pump It from Pump many times. They’re different mixes and the timing of the chorrey is quite different in how they go with the song. I sooooo wanted to go with the pump timing, it felt so wrong to go against it….lol! Will probably mess me all up for when I teach it in pump again, oh well. I love the track though.

uhhhhhh, and while I’ve been typing this blog entry, I’ve now found out what the tracks are for upperbody warmup and track 3 of combat 33!!!! And now that I’ve heard track 3, I think I’ve got it wrong, the stomping isn’t in the lower body warmup, it’s in track 3…..duh.

Geesh, I think it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a workshop!!!!

itching for Combat 33!

Only 2 and a half weeks left till I get to see this release again. Oh I’m so hanging out for it. Following my trip to Auckland between the group of us from the forum that were there we managed to figure out what tracks 4-8 were. I was quite excited to remember a lot of the chorrey and all the memories it brought back for me.

But tracks 1-3, 9 and 10 were elusive. Now with the help of the sizzler and Eryx I’ve heard the lower body warmup and track 2. Memories came flooding back to me again! The sizzler says track 2 is Everybody’s Screaming and after I heard the first line of the song I remember standing next to Linda screaming “WOAH WOAH WOAH”.

ahhhhhhh, memories.

And the lower body warmup…….all I can remember is stomping 😀

I’m more excited over this at the moment than I ever get at Christmas!!!!


The CRAAAAZY Zest Choir (???) presents BADelaide.

If you haven’t already heard, Alexander, one of our trusty moderators, is gracing the Adelaide shores during August. This will involve plenty of classes with myself and Sofie, probably late nights, drinking, sight seeing………..and best of all, the Adelaide Les Mills Quarterly Workshop!!!

But since we can’t go without some sort of social event, we have to get everyone together for one night to celebrate……..celebrate celebrating (and NO, I did NOT say celebate ok?)……..hence we have the official BBQ at my house, affectionately named:


Be there or be……………..or just don’t come if you don’t want 😆

I expect there’ll be drunken instructors, a dash of LM music, maybe some non-LM music, 2 dogs, food, alcohol. 10 pushups for anyone who’s late (I’m guessing that’ll probably be me 😆 ).

The official topic on this event has now been opened.


Sofie comes to Modbury!

As per the discussions all over the forums, Sofie was filling in Ivica’s Sculpt and Body Step classes tonight, and they just happen to be prior to my Pump/Balance double. So Nat and I agreed to go to Sofie‘s Step, Denise, Jo and Jo and Phil agreed to come out to tea with us after (tonight was supposed to be Phil’s first pump class back, but he couldn’t make it in time. Can you believe that? Was stuck back at work late… rude! 😆 ).

Step with Sofie was fun…… fun as step can be really, lol. Although sometimes I find the music in step to be quite atrocious, tonight sofie picked quite good music. I love the toot toot one, and she also did one of my favs that’s from a fairly recent release. Lots of tap down things, over the tops, and it’s something about “Rock” something and getting towards near the end of the class. lol…….good luck to anyone who figures that out!

In pump I’ve been doing BP56 lately, but after a couple of weeks I’ve dropped Voodoo Child and replaced the first 3 tracks with 61. You can’t overdo it with Voodoo Child! 

Phil and Jo did make it to my balance class, and I did what I felt was a really nice mix. I had kept going the current release (BB37) for about 6 weeks before doing BB26 for a couple of weeks. But I changed it tonight to a random mix of 26, 27, 28 and 29. These days I try to stick to entire releases, or only mix half half from 2 CD’s. But I feel 27-29 weren’t very good releases on their own, but there are some amazing individual tracks. So this is what I ended up with (on my trusty ipod):

  1. Conversation’s Over – BB27
  2. Dice – BB27
  3. Waiting For You – BB27
  4. Saltwater 02 – BB29
  5. Stars All Seem To Weep – BB26
  6. Intuition – BB28 (this one was especially for Phil!)
  7. Praise – BB27
  8. No Ordinary Thing – BB29
  9. Caught In A Moment – BB26
  10. Suite No 1: Serenade – BB26

The weird thing about the back track from BB27 praise, is when I was learning it for tonight, I don’t actually remember doing any of the first half of the track. The last half I recognise, but I don’t remember doing any of the first half of the track? That’s so weird, cuz that’s never happened to me!

Well anyway, it’s probably the last time Sofie will be at Modbury again for a while……..well at least until Alex comes here. Next I just have to get Sofie into my combat class, since she’s never actually done combat with me! 😉

City to Bay group training

The training program I’ve started up has kicked off well this weekend. I’ve had enough interest to also put on the walking group on Saturdays, so although there was only 2 people this Saturday, there were at least a couple who couldn’t make it this weekend. However I will definately continue the walking group on Saturdays at 2pm.

The running group kicked off well at 12.30pm on Sunday, with 5 people (not including myself) participating in the run. The initial course I’ve picked out is a mainly downhill run, and the distance and intensity I choose will progressively get more difficult as we get closer to the City to Bay fun run date. A stretch is included at the end.

Anyone is welcome to join in at $5 per session. The program is structured to take into consideration everyone’s individual fitness levels. Non-Zest members are welcome to join in. Contact me asap if you’re interested (leave a comment with your email address and I’ll get back to you).

If interest continues, I will consider continuing the sessions after the City to Bay finishes.

Operation M.U.S.I.C.

Fitness centres that play music for group exercise classes face massive increases to copyright licence fees from the PPCA, a move that threatens the future of group exercise. The original proposed copyright price increases were in excess of 3000% more (yes, three thousand percent) than the current rate of 94c per class.This is clearly not acceptable or affordable for the fitness industry and we need your support to fight it!

To help with raising money for this cause, I am going to auction 3 tops donated to me by Les Mills International. A female T-shirt, a male T-shirt and a jacket…..all signed by Dan & Rach, the BODYCOMBAT program directors. 100% of the proceeds will go straight to Operation M.U.S.I.C. I will upload piccies soon.

I just received these in the post today, so next I’ll be sorting out the auction method, either manually or via auction software. If anyone has any recommendations on the best way of running this auction let me know! I’ll run the auction from either or

Extra special thanks to LMI and Dan & Rach for helping me support this.

City to Bay fun run

I’ve decided to do a training program for my clients, and others that might want to join in, for those interested in running the City to Bay on 16th September.

I will be holding training sessions on Sundays at 12.30pm commencing 8th July.

Not only will this be a great goal for my clients and others, but i’m also joining in on the training program myself. Anyone interested in joining in please feel free to contact me. There’s more details at the club and from myself on the sessions.

I’m will also consider doing a walking group on Saturday afternoons if there’s enough interest.

So I started off today with doing a 15 min jog on the treadmill…….that was after deciding to do Voodoo Child in pump. My legs are a bit wobbly.